Mary Juusela
Adoption The Great Homeland Journey

It's said that you know where you are heading only when you know where you come from

We are all curious about where we come from. Without that final piece, it's hard to put the puzzle of life. Without going back to where it all started, life is for many unwritten. For many adoptees, the future is a lifelong quest searching for what has been. It is the quest for roots, identity and origin.

In the new book The Great Homeland Journey, readers get to walk side by side with five Swedish adoptive families that for the first time travels back to where it all started - the childrens' homelands. The five family stories are complex and intimate as the "camera" never shuts down. The stories depict strong life stories and heartbreaking encounters that reach far beyond time and space. The adventure also takes the reader on staggering trips to India, China, South Africa and Chile that will provide reverb for generations with discoveries that will change families and individuals.

Are you ready? Now begins the adventure.
Welcome to take your place in history.

New book: The Great Homeland Journey
Author: Mary Juusela

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