Mary Juusela
New book

The Great Homeland Journey

Not knowing anything about your background is not to knowing yourself fully. Going on a Homeland journey is a part of finding oneself as adopted. It is an important piece of the life puzzle.

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Debut book

The ties that makes us family

Having inherited your father's big nose may not be that fun, but at least it shows a kinship. For an adopted family ties look different. But how does that affect identity? And how do adoptees look at themselves and their family? Can a family really consist of both black and white people not sharing the same family genes?

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International lecturer

Mary Juusela is a much appreciated and inspirational speaker. To book Mary Juusela contact her on


Mary's books have received considerable attention in the Swedish media. Here you can find selected TV interviews and newspaper articles.

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Exciting lectures on identity, biracial families and homeland tours - book today!

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The Social Services, psykotherapists and Swedish and Finnish registered adoption service as well as the international conference EurAdopt 2014 are some of the clients.

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