Mary Juusela

Mary Juusela

I have always been passionate about meeting new people. I believe that everyone has an interesting story to tell. A story of which I can gain new life perspectives from. This is the very core of my authorship. This is my passion!

Curriculum Vitae

Mary Juusela is born in 1982 and has a B.A in Journalism from Södertörn City College (2004, Stockholm, Sweden) and a MSc in General Management from Stockholm School of Economics (2011, Stockholm, Sweden). During 2004 till 2009 Mary Juusela held several positions within Media and Communications, such as Swedish Television and daily newspapers Enköpings-Posten and Norrtelje Tidning. She has also worked as a freelance journalist for several monthly magazines, with a focus on feature stories. Above this, Mary Juusela has worked as an Operational Manager for Student Travel Schools (STS) and Education First (EF) in Bournemouth and Brighton, England, working with youths and international education. During 2006-2009, Mary Juusela worked with international aid at the venture capital aid Swedfund International owned and governed by the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs with work travels to Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe. In 2010, her debut book was released in Sweden (Norstedts Publishing Company) and in 2014 came her second book, this time also focusing on adoption and family life. Mary Juusela has met and interviewed 700 Swedish adoptive families in between 2003-2013. Thus, she is a highly appreciated speaker on integration, identity and biracial families.

Since 2009 Mary Juusela works as the Director for AiDucatius Foundation with the aim to fight poverty in Tanzania, the Gambia (Africa), Ecuador and Brazil (Latin America) through educational tools.

Mary Juusela's passion is education and aid.

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