Mary Juusela

Exciting lectures on identity, biracial families and homeland tours - book today!

New lecture series: Homland Trips and biologic roots

Together we make a journey into why adoptees want, need (and sometimes do not want and do not need) to return back to their homlands. Mary has met and interviewed 700 Swedish adoptive families and she uses their voices as well as her own experience as an adoptee when we go deeper the mental and practical process of returning to the homeland. Many questions and the answers are woven together in the entertaining and sometimes moving lecture.


  • Gnosjö library, Gnosjö
    Mon 22 sept 2014
  • Köping library, Köping
    Wed 1 oct 2014
  • Spira, Stockholm
    Thurs 2 oct 2014
  • Familjeträff La Casa, Södertälje
    Sat 4 oct 2014
  • Familjeträff Barnens Vänner, Stockholm
    Wed 8 oct 2014
  • Håbo library, Bålsta
    Thur 9 oct 2014
  • AC Skaraborg, Skövde
    Wed 15 oct 2014
  • Piteå library, Piteå
    Thus 16 oct 2014
  • AC Göteborg, Gothenburg
    Sat 18 oct 2014
  • Studiefrämjandet Västerås, Västerås
    Sat 25 oct 2014
  • AC Uppland, Uppsala
    Sat 22 nov 2014

Adoption - integration, identity and family ties

There are many emotions and thoughts during Mary's lecture when she tells us how it was to grow up as adopted child from India in a traditionally white Swedish society where genetic family ties always was rewarded. The recognition factor is high regardless if you are adopted, adoptive parent or an immigrant child or parent. Laughter mixes with tears, Mary leaves no one indifferent.

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Time: 2.5 hours
Participants: Minimum 5 - no upper limit

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